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Originally Posted by toowheels View Post
Well we are working on a side stand foot.

The original goals:
simple, effective, no sharp points and inexpensive...after all I've never had THAT much difficulty finding a rock or a piece of wood

No big deal you think?
That's kinda what we thought. Then we made one up and noticed a few things.

This was our first version... we have already changed the design a little...

The tall perimeter gives it lots of strength and the recess and the two bolts make it simple and secure. It about doubles the "footprint".

So we have progressed in the design after talking to riders and because we noticed by checking some out:

-some of them make it a real pain to raise and lower the stand because they are so big -or more accurately big in the wrong spots so you really have to overcompensate by leaning the bike away from you

-some of them stick out really far outboard and look like they are prone to tweaking the sidestand in the event of a crash and/or getting ripped off in certain circumstances

-apparently some of them like to loosen and disappear

Remember we do like to over-think everything...

So what do you have and how's it working? Thoughts, opinions...

Thanks and Happy Holidays all!

Looks good. I know you mention in your post above that you think others make theirs too big. But in my opinion, yours, just needs to be 2-3 times larger length/width. I'd probably buy it then. I don't care about height, just making the footprint as large as possible so that the bike won't tip over on soft ground.
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