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OK, so the Ohlins turned up Friday afternoon in the mail, so out to the shed.

Having got frustrated with 2 aspects of my upgraded stock shock, ie lack of external adjustability, and its propensity to fade and start pogoing I needed more. The Racetech and Cogent upgrades keep the standard shock body and I suspect that the fading issue would also stay. I talked to my mate Frank Pons and he made a few suggestions, one of which, as is often the case, was an Ohlins solution. He is an Ohlins dealer after all, but he also deals with lots of other stuff too and is very conscious of trying to deliver a cost effective solution to customers.

As noted previously, the Ohlins I got is from a 96 KTM 2 stroke. It seems that the last of the linkage KTMs of the time have suitable shocks with respect to the general dimensions. I got it on ebay for $188 Au delivered.

Mezo posted some really useful stuff here, including pics, which helped me decide to go this way:
The price on the day was right too, and it'd supposedly just bolt in.

Frank did a little checking for me and found that the 95,96,97,98 KTM shocks were 461.5mm long with 134mm of shaft travel.
The DR shock is 455mm long with 128mm travel. The DR650 linkage ratio is also nominally 2.8:1

The numbers mean that the extra 6.5 mm length is almost all shaft travel, ie 6 mm difference there. So should be OK.

When it first arrived, I did a test assembly
and found that the axle only went down 12 mm, so the ratio of 2.8:1 isn't at full travel.

The spring supplied was 5.? so I didn't bother riding it as I knew it wouldn't be much good, as currently using an 8.5 Kings with the upgraded stock shock.

I also noted that with the extra length the link was almost binding up on the swingarm, and reservoir barely cleared the exhaust. I spoke to Frank and he said to drop it off and he'd fix it. Ohlins are a bit like a Lego kit, and lots of bits can be swapped out.

Frank was able to find a slightly shorter reservoir, an Ohlins 8.5 kg spring, and got some bushes for the top eye that meant no spacer washers would be needed. He offered to change the stroke too, to match the stock length, but I reckoned the extra length would be OK, we shall see. He also stripped, service and revalved it to suit, and got it back to me on Christmas Eve

Its in now, and here are some pics. Gotta do some test riding now as soon as I change the fork seals.


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