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Hey Snowy, where abouts did the stock swingarm crack or break ?
On the chain side. The vertical weld that is about 80mm rear of the pivot. It cracks straight down the middle of the weld. Had it ground out and rewelded with TIG. Chasing KTMatt to Wanaaring broke it again.

I met a couple of guys who'd changed out the rear shock for something that worked, and they said the same thing. The bike starts to handle like a trail bike. So you ride it like one. Then things start to break.

I was warned by 3 different people over about 4 months that they crack the swingarm exactly where mine cracked. KTMatt was just itching for it to break so he could slag it off....again.

Which is why I went the RMZ option.

Down side is it's a bit radical and required a lot of cutting and welding. The up side is that the entire rear end is exactly the same as a 2007 RMZ 450. The parts, the geometry, everything.

So once you spring for the weight, it's a matter of adjusting the shock until it works right.

I wind off the compression and rebound until it feels like it's floating and skating when riding across a paddock filled with tussock grass (the local park near my place). Basically the suspension is working like it does over cobblestones or a rocky track. I take the adjustment off so that it floats so I can identify the point where the damping isn't working. It's too fast so it doesn't keep the tyres on the ground.

Once I have it at the floating stage I take the rebound off until I can feel the front and rear slapping when crossing errosion ruts.

Then I adjust compression and rebound firmer by 4 clicks. Front and rear.

Seems to work ok.

But my shock is stock RMZ. No valving changes or anything. There's a ton of after market stuff available for them. I have a spare that I'm going to have rebuilt and tinkered with.
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