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Another Story

Well we were in the middle of nowhere Wva and needed gas. We stopped at a small store with 2 pumps and one of them was blocked. Being the smart ass I am while the others were waiting paitiently for there turn I rode up a hill and down about 30 stairs to gain access to the blocked pump. The old guy selling gas thought it was the craziest thing he had ever seen. The guys and myself didnt think too much of it but the old guy really got a kick out of it. He said in a joke you can only leave the way you came, up the stairs. So I rode up the stairs turned on the road and wheelied out of sight. The guys said he walked right out in the middle of the road and had a car blocked behind him watching me ride off.

About 3 years later we stopped at the same station and here came the old guy. He started telling us about the crazy guy that rode up and down the stairs and rode off on the hind wheel out of sight. One of my buddys told him he didnt believe someone could do such a thing and he got real serious and went to trimming my buddy up about him not being a liar.

Well when we got through gassing up I rode up the stairs and hit the blacktop in a wheelie again. They said he walked right back out into the middle of the road and looked back at them and said that right there was the bastard that did it.
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