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Originally Posted by empanadaman View Post
Got the fender from here:

Part # 4BE-21511-00

The bolt holes match up on my 2010 XT250 but there are a couple of fitment issues. Fairly minor and won't stop me from using this fender in the meantime, until Yamaha realizes how crappy the black front fender looks on a white bike and starts offering an OEM white front fender for the 2008 + XT's. Maybe they will also offer some jets for that damn Teikei carb as well. And for the trifecta they could make the mirrors so you can actually see behind you instead of looking at your shoulders.

I still like my XT though... although it's still not broken it in yet with all this cold weather. Damn global warming!!
Thanks. The split fender in black is kind of wierd. Your's looks good, I was going to try a XT 225 fender also so thanks for trying it out, now I know I'm on the right track. Jets are a pain for some carbs, I've got jet drills so I can drill and solder them shut and redrill them if needed. It runs ok here a 600ft.
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