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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
Guess you missed the part about Honda listing this bike in its "Sport" category and marketing it as a sportsbike. Try Honda's website and then google
I didn't miss what it is being called. I've read every online report, ride review and spec. list I've been able to find. The "sport" category covers a vast portion of the motorcycle spectrum. It's all a matter of degrees. A 250cc single with 26hp can be a "sportbike". So is a 180hp Hayabusa or ZX-14. My point was that the level of specification on this bike doesn't need to be high.

Are guys decked out in full leathers flogging the bikes around Willow Springs in the ads or marketing? If they are, I haven't seen it. All the information I've read stresses that the design goal was to make the bike easy to ride and streetable. Since you referenced the Honda website, here is the write up about the CBR250R quoted directly from the site:

If you’re looking for an affordable, smart, capable and fun way to enjoy life on two wheels—have we got a bike for you: the all-new Honda CBR250R!

The new, fuel-injected CBR250R offers everything you want in a first-time bike: Light weight. A powerband that’s immensely user-friendly. Excellent fuel economy. Unmatched reliability. And a fun factor that’s off the chart.

Since the new CBR250R is a Honda, it’s full of features few other bikes in its class can match. And it offers a build quality that means you’ve got dependable cross-town or cross-country transportation.

Best of all, the new CBR250R is available in two versions: the CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with our Anti-lock Brake System – a first for the segment and a really valuable option that both first-timers and experienced riders will appreciate.
Available Spring 2011.

  • Light, Narrow, Low.

    Because it’s a single-cylinder machine, the new CBR250R is narrow, and with its low 30.5-inch seat height and light 359-pound curb weight, putting your feet down in parking lots or at stoplights can be a lot easier.
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  • The Power of One.

    The new CBR250R uses a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, double-overhead cams and a counterbalancer. Sure that’s tech talk, but the architecture offers some very real advantages. Maybe the most important is power delivery: a single offers the kind of torque and midrange power that’s well suited for all levels of riders.
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  • Stop with Confidence.

    The option of Honda’s Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is a perfect matchup with a bike like the new CBR250R. ABS helps you cope with unanticipated challenges and stop with added confidence.
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