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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
A 359 single is not light though is it? Its amazing that Honda found a way to develop a all new bike, engine and frame, that was somehow cheaper than sinmply bringing in the already developed and much acclaimed VTR250 it already has in production.

Both bike would need certification so the $ they saved was somewhere else. Quality? Materials? Labor?
You're speaking as a motorcycle enthusiast and gearhead. If Honda isn't targetting current enthusiasts(which is very obviously the case after reading their website description of the bike) then the typical purchaser/owner will have no fricken' idea if a 359lb single is too much, too little or just right. They will not care about lap times, whether the bike is 1/10th of a second quicker or slower than another bike in the quarter mile or if it has Brembo RCS master cylinders.

The only reason Honda has it in their "sportbike" category is because they don't have a "commuter" tag on their website. It's a Cub. It's a big wheeled scooter with motorcycle pretensions. It's going to be reliable, weather the elements fairly well and be fun to ride around town.

It needs to look cool, get good gas mileage and be safe(ABS). The ABS makes it easier to clear past a spousal unit("Look Honey, it has ABS just like our Volvo wagon!"). So does the gas mileage("Just imagine how much money we'll save on gas when I commute to work!"). Looking like a sportbike doesn't hurt at all either. Now that women ride more, maybe Honda will sell them two at a time to young, urban couples where they used to just sell one Cub or Dream 40 years ago to a similar couple.

It's a tarted up TU250 except it's got ABS and to most folks under will be a lot more desirable.
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