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lol , its only a pic and a opinion of mine , actualy stock the original seat height is highr than the tank , reason i call it a scooter is , its small and nimble like a scooter , its ok tho i'll now call it a motorbike , australia post here use the ct110 as postie bikes to deliver mail

there a step through , there seat hight is highr than the tank , they have a 3 speed gearbox with clutch leaver on the bars and shifter , they are also classed as scooters , then i seed scooters with masive ride height's ,large cc's , the look like jetski's with wheels , these are called motocycles , auto twist and go , so IMO a bike differs from country to country ,

and besides i just like to show off my lil scooter < or motorbike < or thumper < or pitbike < when infact is a monkey bike
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