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Midwest Craigslist Good Deals

Ok, since the thread was merged we have had to hunt for good and bad. I hope we can keep them separated this time. I will ask the mod to name change the other thread and see how it goes. Once again, if the mods want to roll this into the other one fine, but I miss the two threads.

Also, What someone may think is a good deal or not may vary. I am no expert, but if I run across a bike that seems reasonable I will try to pass it on. I will not nor do I expect anyone else to fully research the seller or current KBB on a find, lets just use this thread as a pointer. If you happen to think its a good deal and feel like saying so, please do that, conversely if you feel the poster is way off base, share that as well, but as the rules go, please try to do it nicely.

So here's a start, I would consider this, but I think I really want a DR650
KLX400 same as DRZ400 700 Miles Like New! - $2900 (P.L)

I think P.L. stands for Prior Lake
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