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Hey guys, I'm back home, the boy is resting well and feeling much better!

Jonah Update via Riff Raff Email:

Hi Riff Raff,

Using some of the connections we made over the past few years, Jonah was able to get his crate of tires (and riding gear!) out of customs. They are in Scrutineering now. Jonah seems relaxed, but Niles is nervous, I’m sure. One of Niles’s best traits is his extreme fastidiousness. He’ll geek out over every detail. If you give him a week, he wouldn’t sleep and would examine every tiny bit of that bike. With only 2 days, he probably only checked every bolt 3 times. This is the stressful time for Niles.

They are in Scrutineering now. That is where the ASO examines everyone’s paperwork and, of course, the bike and spare motors. Everything is marked with special paint and numbers noted. Jonah will have just these 3 motors he brings through Scrutineering today.

Jonah says, “Almost done (with Scrutineering), everything is much better today (after the customs problems of yesterday).”

After Scrutineering, the bike will be impounded until the start tomorrow. But, I doubt Niles will sleep much. He’ll probably organize his tools and the spares with a few cups of coffee.

Check out the Cycle World blog for updates directly from Jonah:

I’ll still try to give the Riff Raff insight not posted on that blog or available anywhere else.

Fun fun

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