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Originally Posted by VStromTom View Post
iTouch - any one got one and is it useful for bike trips? What apps do you use and which are of the most value? Free? Cost? TIA.
Too bad this got merged with the iPhone thread as they really aren't the same.

I have an iPod Touch, it's the previous generation. The latest version has a camera which resolves one of my gripes. Overall, I've been pretty underwhelmed with it. I recently bought a netbook and prefer that. For me, the Touch is really is only useful for music and games. My issue is that it really doesn't replace any of my existing gadgets. I still take my phone, my camera, my gps.

It surfs the net better than my blackberry, but nowhere near as well as a netbook or laptop. Although WiFi is available many places, it isn't a replacement for cellular data coverage. And access isn't free many times.

If I didn't already have a work phone, I would have just sprung for an iPhone or Droid, but it was a gift so I can't complain about the price. But with the iPhone you get a camera, widespread data coverage, and GPS capability. With the iTouch, you get games, music, and internet if you are in a hotspot. It's a cool toy, but not much more.

If you already have a cell phone, I would just get a netbook. If you don't, I think the iPhone or Droid is certainly worthwhile.
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