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Long time no post.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's Day!

I'm finally making forward progress once again...

The JD Squared Model 32 finally shows up. I bought the bender from an ebay vendor, and 5/8" DOM, 2 1/4" centerline dies from another ebay vendor. I chose the mechanical version because it's about 25% of the cost of the full hydraulic setup, and I don't need hydraulics for bending 5/8" tube. The extension handle is reversed in the ratchet arm for storage in the above shot.

I made the above shown bracket to bolt onto the bending arm. You do not use the ratchet mechanism at all on 5/8" tube, and the instructions say to wedge the extension handle in the end 2) 3/4" bolts to bend small tube. Personally, I thought that was a bit cheesy, so that's why I made the bracket. Now the handle can attach to either arm with a spring pin and still store in the other arm when not in use.

Above: I made the pedestal mount with narrow 1/4" plate, and the scrap from what I cut out of the end of the base from the wheelchair / low buck bike lift. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but form should always follow function. I don't like wasting things in case you couldn't already tell. You can see where I tacked the 1/4" plate first so I could drill mounting holes in the drillpress. Then I welded a full bead around the square tube. I was going to box the ends of the square tube with plate, but the open hole is great for tweaking a bend on small tube if a degree or two over or under bent.

I tried buying mild steel, 5/8" DOM, .065 wall tube locally, but nobody stocks it. The guy told me he could order it, but so can I. I should have called first and just paid over the phone. Next time, that's what I'll do. I ordered some tube on ebay.

While waiting on tube, the above photo shows a scrap shelf that came from a rack that was destined for the dump. It's fairly heavy 18 ga. mild steel. My sis-in-law wanted me to haul the rack to the dump, but surprise, surprise, it goes in my scrap bin. I have 7 shelves this size, and about 40 feet of small angle after disassembling everything.

I broke out the plasma cutter and cut off the factory bent flanges. What you see on the floor is scrap left from one shelf after making the next photo...

Deeze! I was going to buy a sheet of aluminum, but why? This was FREE!!! I made them a bit smaller than the bags on the KLR and used the same process shown pages earlier. It took one shelf to make each bag. I still need to make the lids. The latch hardware just showed up. (ebay)

I just did a series of tack welds upon one another similar to the TIG process.

Above: inside corner penetration. Much, much easier to weld than aluminum. My final dimensions are 8" deep, 16" wide, and 14" tall.

The tubing finally shows up after 2 weeks of waiting. I bought it in 3' lengths, which wasn't a big concern to me with the small scale job. I bought 21' and shipped was a bit over $40. Again, I will plan ahead and buy locally next time. No biggie.

I made the hoops 14" wide x 10" tall. Figuring the take up and gain on the bender was easy. I measured the overall length of the tube first. Then I loaded a piece of tube into the die and tightened the setscrew with the tube at the very end of the die. I then made a stub 90. Take the tube out of the bender, measure the stub and the leg of the 90. Add both measurements. Deduct the original length from the combined stub and leg figure. This is your gain. The takeup (the length needed for a 90) is the stub length - just make sure to line the tube up in the same place every time. After making the very first 90, I had all the info needed to make a back-to-back 90 to the exact size I needed. Luckily, all my "learnin' " from bending electrical conduit transferred to tube bending. I figured it would be pretty much the same, and it is.

The JD2 made some pretty, wrinkle free bands. Overkill for 5/8", I know, but this bender will get some heavier use in the future.
I'm already looking at 1 3/4" dies for a possible sidehack project.

So that's it for now. I'll take some more progress photos later when I start fabbing the rack mounts.

Until next time...

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