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Originally Posted by Lencho View Post
Physical exercise. 8 miles of mountain biking versus 8 miles of dirt biking is like night and day on the body.
20 minutes on a MX bilke is a complete body workout. 20 minutes on a mountainbike is a leg warmup.

I've gone from racing dirt bikes a lot and using mountainbikes as training to just riding/racing mountainbikes.

Riding mountainbikes is less brutal on my old body. I don't have black toes all the time anymore. I don't take 5 minutes warming my back up before I can walk upright anymore either. I don't have to drive 90 minutes to the race or practice track every week as I can ride from my house when I want. Mountainbikes are cheaper too... maybe

The big thing is the social side. You ride, have a chat. Race, have a beer afterwards. Dirt bikes were more serious. Just racing and cramp on the way home. Way more fun than a mountainbike could ever be of course, just required more commitment in all kinds of way.

Not sure there's a huge cross-over skills-wise. Must be some I guess.
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