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My kids like riding with me, so I always want the rear pegs functional and not blocked by the bags. With that in mind, I tape a boot in place for measuring purposes.

I plumb off the heel of the boot and stick another piece of tape on the bike.

I measure over an inch for clearance to the bag, then another inch to the edge of the hoop.

I mark where I want the top of the hoop with yet more tape, then hold the hoop in place while eyeballing a measurement. I bend a stub 90, and cut both ends where I need it to be. This pic shows everything already tacked together.

The above pic shows drilling the tube for a "fish mouth" to make a solid joint.

The bottom mount is a chrome spacer I had left from a chopper I built several years ago. I ground off the chrome and drilled out the inside to accept an allen bolt.

L side complete.

Once one side is complete, the other side is a snap. Measure off what you did on the other side. The above pic shows a segment bend I made to match the contour of the R plastic.

Using a straight edge to line up the tab for the rear support.

Both tabs tacked in place.

Using a carpentry tool used to duplicate angles.

Transferring the angle to the tube by eyeballing it.

Rear support notched and tacked in place.

Mock-up complete. Now I need to disassemble and final weld everything, and shape the tabs better.

Buying in 3' lengths wasn't as wasteful as I thought. I have 2) full 3' pieces left, and a piece over 2' left. So I guess I used about 16' total.

More to follow when I have something to show.
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