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yup I did

I sold my '99 Honda Fireblade and bought my '06 KLR650 and don't regret it one bit. I could only ride the Fireblade for half an hour comfortably before my lower back ached and my wrists went numb, the wife was even more uncomfortable on it when she would even venture to jump on. Now I've had the KLR for a few years and from day one, I love this bike. Would never consider another sport bike over this style of bike. I have ridden 1000km in a day on the KLR and used it weekly last year when I was working away from home to travel the some 300km fully loaded back and forth to my work location from my home.

Old bike

New and much better bike

As for speed and power.. I have no regrets, sure having a bike that will go 275km/h is great, but where the hell you gonna use it? Around here you loose your bike and license for years for going 50 over the limit and have a $10,000 fine on top of that and will never get insurance ever again.. I can have just as much fun if not more bombing down back roads and woods trails.
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