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Originally Posted by AtlantaViking View Post
The only other bike that I really considered as a balanced dual sport was the Husky TE610. So I think you are on the right track. When I brought $$ into the equation the balance REALLY went in favor of the DR.
Cost is definitely a factor; I almost went for a TE610 a while back, at a pretty good price, but I still have trouble with the idea of banging a $4000+ bike through the woods. I do think it's probably the closest to the DR350 as an all around dual sport.

Originally Posted by BikePilot View Post
The XR650R isn't far off. Its less civilized with kick start...
I haven't owned an XR650R yet, but want to someday. The big downside of that bike though is the lack of a plate, for those of us on the west coast or other more restrictive states that won't plate a dirtbike anymore. Other than that, it sounds like a great bike. I think the KTM 520 EXC I just bought will have many of the advantages and disadvantages of the 650R, except that it's got a valid plate, for now. 6th gear wheelies are fun.

Originally Posted by jon_l View Post
The WR250R seems like the modern version of the DR350SE dual sport
Originally Posted by Country Doc View Post
I can tell you after riding both bikes back to back, I'd much rather have a massaged DR350 than a brand-new WRR. Stock, the WRR is a bit better. However it's also more $$, and if you put a couple of grand into hot-rodding a DR, it drastically outperforms a WRR.
Doc, been there, done that, and agree 100%. The WRR is a good dual sport, and got most of it right, but just doesn't have the low end tractor-like grunt of a well set up DR350. With some motor work on the 350 (even $1K is enough), there's no comparison. There's no replacement for displacement! A WR400R would be close to perfect; like a combination of the DRZ and WRR.
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