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Originally Posted by toowheels View Post
Hi Mike!

I'll have to get a better look at the F798 version...I know that originally they were mirrored imaged.

Are you implying that you would like a thicker one then in that last paragraph?
G'Day Dave, Yes definitely with the Altbergs which give 4mm extra the bikes have a lot of weight on the stand, mine extremely so with Wilbers shock with extra travel and so a little higher, Sals bike has standard length shock with the front forks lowered 20mm through the triple clamps and the side stand lean angle is still a bit too much when the bike has a load on.

So talking to Sal just now to make sure I understood she says, 1) the angle is too far for her to pull it up off the side stand ( I often have to give her a hand) and 2) the front extension of the foot makes putting the stand down realy difficult on a surface that is anything other than flat as the front of the extended foot digs in to the dirt as it swings down.

I guess it's all a compromise, but the message should be that one size does not fit all and the perfect solution will have some customisability, tough one to design and manufacture though.
Cheers, Mike
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