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Light fixed... now Carb ?'s...

Got the tail light working. There was a problem in the last section of wiring so I ran a new set of wires back and all is good on that front. Thanks to all who gave me the tips.

NOW, my new problem... the stupid bike won't start anymore. Ran fine three days ago though it was a little tough to start. It is pretty cold here (for us - I am in California) at about 45 to 55 deg F but I doubt that's the problem. I pulled the carb and gave it a good cleaning. It was pretty darn clean inside which was good considering it has been sitting for about six weeks with gas in the tank. I have a new sparkplug too which I am going to put in tonight and I have added Sea Foam to the fuel and topped it off with fresh gas.

However, I have several hoses that are just dangling off the carb/petcock/etc. I am not sure if one of these came loose and that is why it stopped running. Here are some pics and the hoses I am wondering about. Carb is the pumper, bike is a 1992 street-model, petcock is... well I'm not sure if its stock or after-market.

The "red arrow" hose in the pic below is the fuel supply line to the carb, that I know. The other thinner one "green arrow" is coming off the back of the petcock and just floats connected to nothing. Not sure if that is correct.

In this next pic, this hose I am holding goes up into the area underneath the tank/air filter where the red arrow is. It has that hose clamp on the end of it so my intuition tells me that it should be connected somewhere but I don't know where. Also tucked-away in there unseen is a hose that looks like it came off the airbox that is capped. I suspect that is a line to pump the fuel in the stock CV carb and is capped for the pumper model.

In this pic, I know the "red circle" is the main fuel supply line and the "blue circle" is the drain for the float bowl (I have the hose for that.) The pink hose coming off the "green circle" was just hanging down loose. Not sure if that goes someplace special...

On the other side of the carb, this "green circle" hose was also hanging down loose connected to nothing. Again, not sure if that is right.

Any answers to the mystery hoses would be appreciated. Also, I have searched but can not find any diagrams detailing the pumper install on the DR350. Are there any around that I missed? Or photos that illustrate where it all hooks up?

Thanks for your patience and help.
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