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Looks great. Plenty of space for some custom engraving ....

Originally Posted by toowheels View Post
The first ones will be naked!

The powder coat on the bottom and around the edges will definitely get beat up. It's character

I was thinkin it would still "blend in" better with the black maybe later...or riders could just hit'em up with the good old rattle can.

Here is what the next proto is lookin like:

The footprint of this one is now over 2.5x the size of the side stand foot.
The top right 45* angle cut will take care of the "over compensation lean".

We're also going to experiment with a taller/adjustable system for...Griz...and Mike

Stainless steel would be tougher but about 3x heavier and a little more $$. Although that's not the a big deal. Seems petty I know but I really don't want to keep adding weight to every part. This way it weighs about the same as a big stick and less than a rock...but you don't have to carry either of those!

Next we'll get to see how the fancy bolt locking system works ...

Gadget Boy you can move this whenever to vendors.

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