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Originally Posted by johnwesley View Post
Now this is shaping up to be my kind of build. Love the forks. Are you planning on using the full stroke/ travel?
Are you going to leave the additional offset? That will decrease your trail, bu I'm sure you have a plan
yeah, i hope those forks work as good as they look. real beefy mofos, they make the versys showa usd forks look tiny. the DRZ triples have just about the same clamping surface and spacing, so with 10" between the bottom clamp and dust seal with the forks raised, there's some room. certainly more usable travel than the versys forks, one of my objectives this time around. it might be possible to put a big front end under this bike less expensively, but someone would have to show me how. this solution fit the budget perfectly.

when i get my new shock i'll tune ride height and suspension. it should steer ok.
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