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Originally Posted by freewheeler View Post
In reference to the leading axle screwing up the handling ... My opinion is It will make it better ... Coming off a DL1000 ... to the Versys ... At first I didn't like it ... the ride was choppy ... and the wheel base ... being much shorter than the DL1000 made the Versys seem unstable to me ... as time went on I got used to it ... but to this day ... I miss the stability and the better ride that the DL1000 provides ... I just made a long story out of saying ... the extra 1" to 11/2" of wheel base the leading axle is going to provide ( in my 40 years of modding bikes ) is going to make it better ... not worse
It's not a wheelbase thing. Your vstrom has tripple trees designed for a leading axle. So the trail is set right for it. It is well beyond a wheel base thing. With out enough trail the bike will be unstable
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