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I live in a city, while there is wood in the national forests, I would have to buy a truck or a trailer to tow behind the SUV. 100 mile round trip to get to the good wood, then finding a place to stack, cover, dry, etc., the wood on property, as well as keeping the stove stocked when we may be away for long periods.

Pellet stoves are kind of a set and forget situation. Fill them up every now and then. Pellets come in nice, easy to manage bags and can be stored one ton at a time in a corner of the garage. Power is a concern, but we do have generator backup. For us (that being the key factor) it is a better solution to wood. If I lived in the woods, not so much.

I seem to remember pellets going for around $100/ton. No idea how long that lasts, but our power bill was $280 last month and most of that was electric heat. So I want to investigate if it will work for us and do something by next winter.
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