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@Dirt_Dad: thanks for the feedback. Right now, we know the fairing can be removed on the right side, and are 90% sure you can access the bolts on the left for air filter removal. The bike is not in our shop now, but there the local Yamaha rep has one and we will try to connect with him to get a final answer on this. I can say I’m 100% confident that access is reasonable.

@klebs01: thanks, man. It is definitely one of our goals to create a symmetrical appearance with our pannier system.

@Chadx: no worries, the bars will retain their functionality. I had our designer give me a few images to illustrate some of the changes we were able to dial in before beginning production.

@MoBill: great to hear, thanks! They’ll definitely be available in black.

@DockingPilot: thanks for the feedback. Always a challenge to find a balance between form and function, but I think we’ve come to a solution that will work well.

@Martinh: we will be taking orders at the NY IMS, and it’s actually a really good idea to get yourself in line. We’re already taking pre-orders on some of our parts for the Tenere. If you’re pretty sure you want something, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to order it now online.

Concerning a highway peg, we haven’t had the chance to locate an existing one that would work, but it doesn’t mean a compatible one doesn’t exist. We are considering this issue, however.

@pinglow: we’re still finalizing that information, but will try to keep everyone here in the loop. If you want to ensure you’ll get notified, I suggest creating an AltRider account and then subscribe to the Yamaha specific product news update emails. That way you’ll only get emails about new products for this bike.
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