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Originally Posted by tserts
Mischa has been busy!

Good evening,
I would like to inform you about some adjustments in the Dakar Tracking website. Last week I already added several options and today I made some more.
  • The pages now show a top 15 and the selected driver(s) or combinations from the selected country. It's also possible to request the top 50 by entering a * in the country field (and confirm this by pressing enter or pushing the search button).
  • It's possible to filter on multiple (max 3) country codes by entering the country codes comma seperated in the country field. It's also possible to select multiple vehicles (max 3) to track by entering the driver numbers comma seperated in the driver field.
  • By clicking a driver that driver is automatically selected to follow.
  • In the "live timing" overview the times at the specific waypoints are displayed. Often the positions are more interesting than the times and that's why I added the "live positions" page. It's also possible to follow how the overall results develop by ordering the page on "overall positions".Because the iritrack times aren't really reliable I also added the page "checkpoints". If iritrack loses it, the times will often be registered at this page, so in case of doubt you could better check both pages.
  • The official day and overall results can be found behind the new "standings" button. To bad the results at the official Dakar website often contain errors, so it's hard to offer you a correct standing. But, I give it a try.
  • When you click the "standings" button it defaults to the overall results. It's also possible to display the day results (including penalties) by clicking "stage standings".
  • The last page I did add is "summary". I got the idea to show a full overview of all results of all stages in exactly the way i did under "live positions". In this view it's possible to get a good overview of how your favorite drivers are doing against the competition.
I hope you like the new features and that they add something to your Dakar experience. Enjoy coming week and see ya soon ;)
Best regards,
Mischa Visser
PS: I made some direct links to jump to the available pages:
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