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O.K. Finally getting time to finish the report, now the holidays have come and gone. This is the time in most of my trips that I realize the end is approaching, so I have a tendency to try to do as much riding as I can, so I donít miss an opportunity to find a good road.

Wed Oct 14th

After a night of breathing some nice Mediterranean air, washed clean by some light rain showers, we had a leisurely breakfast. We are staying in Porto Santo Stefano, which is officially a peninsula, but in reality is more of an Island, except for the two sand bars that connect it to the mainland. Today was a free day, didnít have to ride as this was a two night stay. The wife and some of the otherís decided to do some shopping and visit a natural hot sulfur spring, to sit in the hot stinky water. Me, I decided to go out riding, surprise, surprise.

View from our room

I headed back inland to explore some additional roads in the area we traveled on our way west yesterday. As I headed east, you could see the rain clouds to the north, and I started to hit some intermittent wet pavement, So I headed to the south to find dry roads, I looped around and soon the skies to the north brightened, so I headed back to the hills.

Another city on a hill

I wandered north, exploring some small roads and stopping for a few pics along the way. But as usuall when riding alone, I tend to not stop much, except to consult the map or GPS looking for those little squiggly lines.

I was really lucky, lots of damp roads, but little rain and wet roads, that is, until I got 20 minutes from the hotel. I started to run into spurts of rain, but it kept looking clearer ahead, so I thought I was going to duck under it, but alas, after getting pretty wet, I decided to stop and put on the rain gear. Good thing too, had the heaviest rain of the trip for the last 15 minutes or so. I slogged to the hotel, and took off the rain gear so not to leave a trail of water behind, as I went up to the room.

When I got to the room heard some familiar voices outside, so I took a look and a few had gathered on Robís balcony to enjoy a little libation. I grabbed a bottle of red wine I had and headed over. As we visited, the sun started to break out and gave us a beautiful double rainbow.

The girls arrived shortly after, relaxed and smelling of sulfur and we all relaxed, before going to clean up and head to another wonderful dinner, accompanied by some delicious red wine, and finished off with some Grappa and a good nightís sleep.
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