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Originally Posted by lfs225 View Post
I feel I must add my two cents worth. Laying out a trail across Missouri is a fine idea but it can not be done with a committee. I suspect Sam Correro knew that so he did the TAT by himself. Or at least, with no committee.

Getting ideas from others is a grand idea. But sooner or later SOME ONE person is going to have to be the leader. Take responsibility on whether you turn left or right at intersection A and then DO IT.

All of us will appreciate his efforts. Most of us will follow and be thankful we have a continuous trail to ride. All of us could make minor improvements but all of us CAN'T. Or it will never get done.

Bash3r, Big Dog and DRZ Charlie may need to take the bull by the horns.
I think it can be done in sections by different people with maps and GPS's and computers. As long as each person rides and confirms their section as previously discussed. I laid out a 200 mile off road course (MTRA's SHOW ME 200) in that fashion, surly a road course can't be harder. Cut and paste sections, it was correct when we went out to ride it for the first time.
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