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The Post That Editing Forgot!?!

Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
...first off, we're going to take etc.
Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
That's it, simple really, the overall vibe will be mellow.....
But none of this can happen until AFTER the Yellowstone Caldera explodes. It's all in the microfilm I sent, don't tell me your microfilm reader's up the spout again?!? Ok, we'll do it your way, I shall have the plans produced as a series of illuminated scrolls with woodcut illustrations & placed in the usual spot (3rd cave to the left, high up, somewhere in the Sinai Desert) in the usual manner (in some old jars or amphora in a corner). Do have dear Hakim Chiltbugra 'find' them as usual eh?

Of course if you were really dedicated (sick, lonely) you'd have taken the time & effort to have replaced all the heads but one, which would have been funnier (rule three: opposites are always funny). However the mere fact that you did but one insertion does mysteriously & unexplainably (so don't ask) demonstrate to Dr. Me, & my esteamed collegues Dr. I & Dr. Myself, that you're applying a sensible decision making process on the 'time/effort/fuck that' rationic quotientmentalism front. This we should call progress.

Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
Common Law = Cause No Harm. That's physical, emotional, mental and financial. No if's, no but's and definitely no maybe's....
This is entirely equivalent to
Platos definition of justice, as voiced via Socrates in 'The Republic'. Have you been hanging round down the library again? You know you're banned. All that education what goes on there in those there grand spires of Oxfraud must be rubbing off*

Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
I've still got the back-ache from hauling that fucker into the back of my old van, many moons ago....stuff about putting engine back in n ting
Yes, the seller was less than helpful I thought. Buuuuut, did you climb into the back while the van was doing 70mph along a goat track & pick it up after it fell over? No, no you didn't. This, you say, is because you were 'driving the van ferfuxake', but it didn't look that way to me. In relation to falling bikes or low speed drops I have a personal proclivity for simply throwing myself under them, it seems so much cheaper? Once Unkle Ugly (Paul) was my driver for a gig in 'Nam** and we had to go over a happily retracted rising type bollard to get to the load in. He was hysterically reluctant to risk it coming up under his lovely high quality vehicle (Vauxhall) and so I lay on the retracted bollard and fucking screamed at him to drive over me & I'd cussion it if it rose. Our loss is Hollywoods 'gain'.

Re: Engine. Thing is, my dear fellow engine extraction ninja colleague pjcr2001asparceoddity(directorscut), the ever amusing, never logical & increasingly Jesus resembling*** Asstral has sorned the K75s I sold him (& rebuilt 3 times), and is looking to sell (at a very optomistic 1400!?!) as he is short of cash because, amongst a plethora-rama of other reasons, he did not have his annual crash last year. Sooooooo I might drop the 50-60k motor out of his K while he's 'confused' (1974 to present, no variation expected) & jack my K motor up in to it. For the purposes of litigation this does not constitute an admissible confession of intent. It is just a joke. You may not recognise it as such due to no funny, which is a double bluff because I may just do it.

Kind regrudges,

Mr. Barry Noid.

* Which by a startling coincidence is the reason you were banned from the library in the first place? Ha. Ha ha. Cough.
** Cheltenham.
*** A VERY LOT!?! I am currently trying to persuade him to dress in biblical garb & I'll drive him from cathedral to cathedral. He can just pop in, grab a reliquary or ark of the covenant or Spear of Desiny or something - Say 'Dad just asked me to pop in & borrow this back for easter, you don't mind awfully do you?' then pop back into the van etc.

While I'm at it that Lornce fellow worries me, it's like he's everywhere I go. Just me being silly no doubt. Anyway, did I show you my new radiator in the Shedquaters? -
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