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Ok, Olde Englishe...

Originally Posted by Dirtyboydeadly View Post
Urm English please
Oh let it be known that on ye Yewtube webbeshite that one doth find on thy ancient & mythical 'internet' of olde & wonder, one doth seek ye magical embed button below the majic picture of the deville cast therein, or of a sealion wyth a buckette, depending.

On pressing thereon one be-eth majickally transpoted to ye bit where one can select size and borders & stuff. Now, young sorcerers apprentice, comes the hardest & dangerous part of thous holy quest. You must highlight the embed code shown in the box & copy it, and only then canst thou pass the 11.3 headed beast that awaits all who dare to fuck about with this stuff, and paste it into your post here in the majical kingdom of ADV where all is good & fair.
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