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Originally Posted by Nailhead View Post
Sure enough; no power, no pellet feed to the combustion chamber, no heat. This and the availability of firewood was a deal-breaker for me.
We don't get free wood, and even heat circulation is an issue, so we now go both ways. Wood stove and pellet stove. Each has advantages, and if you buy fuel, the pellet is working out to about a buck a day, maybe buck fifty tops. I bought 11 - 40 lb bags of pellets Dec 6 and I have burned 7 bags since then. In roughly the same period, burned not quite a cord of stove wood, pine mostly. It's been a mild winter.

When the power goes out (has not happened yet this year) wood stove wins hands down. And, our wood stove is twice as powerful as the pellet stove, so when real heat is needed, well, you know who to call on.

Wood heat is really nice to use, and our cabin is much warmer than our big house with a central furnace.
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