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Originally Posted by nessy357 View Post
Try using 3/32" 6011P or 6011, faster freezing rod , with good penetration.
I don't have an arc welder, just MIG, but have had to stitch expanded mesh to flat and angle stock. I just try to make the mesh cuts along a line that gives me all closed ends in the mesh rather than open spots with two little ends to weld down. Then just zap each point quickly, starting the weld aiming at the flat or angle stock to initiate penetration then leading the puddle to the end point on the mesh. As soon as you reach the mesh with the arc, stop before burning through the smaller cross section of the expanded mesh.

More or less a "BZZZT...BZZZT...BZZZT..." as you move from each point on the eadge of the mesh to the next.
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