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Jackrabbit's Hare and Hound - 1/9/2011

Wow. Today was the most fun I've had on two wheels since nearly hitting 100mph on a dry lake bed the first time (Oct. 2010). I accomplished two of my goals - to not get hurt and finish. I did, however have a mechanical issue. My rear fender broke off and the fenderbag with the toolbag inside got caught and locked up the rear tire. I lost about 7 minutes and my license plate.

So I'll be ordering the plastic tail section along with the euro tail-light and blinkers - and a new license plate. Hopefully I'll be back in business for next weekend.

I bought a new GoPro and was able to record the whole beginners loop so I hope to be able to post a video sometime soon.

We'll see if I can swing another weekend race out of my wife for next weekend - there's an enduro in Johnson Valley. I've never done one before so it should be interesting.

My efforts at desert racing
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