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Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp View Post
I am for hire for the following lines of work:

-Welding and steel fabrication. Currently running flux core wirefeed, soon to have MIG. Repairs, custom rack design and building (ask user Motomantra for a recommendation, I custom-build one for his sport-bike with detachable top)

-Jacket and zipper repair. I did a tank bag for an inmate in Seattle, for Ray (Fisherman) and a leg zipper in my Aerostich Roadcrafter which I posted a detailed thread on here. I can also patch any jaacket or suit with nylon, ballistic nylon, artistic or rally patches, or any other flair. i cnnot taylor at this time, however. Zippers range from $60-100 depending on the article and type of zipper used and linings or other features I have to work around. Accepting and doing pickup and delivery in the PDX area, as well as mailorder, I've done both. Custom bag design and fabrication is now available. If you have an idea or want something similar to another bag, I can make it happen. I have able hands and a professional seamstress to hire out at very good rates. I have patterns for a DirtBagz- inspired, even higher durability enduro luggage set in medium size ready to go. The possibilities are endless.

- Mechanical Services, PDX area. My many rebuild threads on ADV are a clear and transparent view of what I am capable of and exactly how I do it. For a little more, I can fully photo-document and videotape every step of YOUR rebuild or engine service for you as well. This is not available at any shop. Recent projects I've done and documented here are a full teardown and rebuild of several XR600 engines, XR600 on XL600 full suspension conversion, Volvo B18 engine resurrection and retuning, Volvo M40 transmission full rebuild and clutch, and building a welder from retired industrial grade components. I can do all these things for you and more.

Last, but not least is my Patches, prints, and Accessories on Etsy. Full of screenprinted artistic jacket patches and prints, and coming soon cast aluminum and solid steel belt buckles, belts, bags, and other accessories.
I just stormed these up last night on the screenprinting press (ie my screen frame, the desk, the wall, and some magic marker marks on the desk... really 'handmade' here)
I listed them for sale on Etsy, unless it's been purchased, should show up under Available from me personally for $10 delivered in the area within 10 miles of city center.

What about screen printing tshirts and hoodies?
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