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Awesome weekend on Mt Hood this past weekend! Lot's-o-powder, and less crowded that over the Holidays...

Brought up Easy-Z, Draggs, and Luke and we all stayed at my co-op cabin in Government Camp. I wish I had more pics, but this is a few I managed to get on my low-res phone camera...Wox always has his good camera with him

Heading up to T-Line on Saturday am...

Nice snow at 6K feet! Low crowds after everyone went in the lodge for lunch

Saved the best for last! After Easy and Luke went back to PDX Saturday afternoon, I had the best idea! Sunday I dragged Draggs () back up to T-line early (he was wiped after Sat, his first ski in over 4 years), and we poached a free run down the Glade Trail back to Goverment Camp! We managed to get a ride from one of my cabin mates to the Lodge. What is very unique about Mt Hood are two trails out of bounds at Tline that take you to Govy. The run from 6K feet at the Jeff's flood Chair and all the way on the Glade Trail to Govy is 4+ miles and over 2K feet of vertical drop on this one run!! And, the trail ends right at the street our cabin is located, and when the street has can ski right up to our front door. We had first tracks, 6"+ powder and one kick ass trip down the Glade!

One shot of Draggs on the Glade Fresh Tracks for 4 miles!!

This Jan/Feb is going to be epic at Mt Hood!
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