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Originally Posted by markbvt View Post

You're really complaining about $10? It's less than the price of a frigging movie ticket.

The data feed may be free, but the app to access it and parse the data is still worth paying for to reward the developer's time and effort. For your measly $10, you get an outstanding app that has useful features and doesn't have ads plastered all over it.

I ride a Wee-Strom; I'm pretty damn cheap. And even I think $10 for a solid, genuinely useful piece of software is a great deal.

Bit of a late reply. I'm not cheap, but I like to seek value for my money. The Accuweather app does the same thing and it's free. I too used a similar feed and other satellite imagery for defining pest infestations in crops, down to the 1/2 acre scale. Drastically cut the use of pesticides (good for the planet) and cost (good for the farmer). That application was unique (at the time), so people were willing to pay for it.

I'm all for rewarding the developer's time and effort. Especially since I've personally developed applications for which I was mostly paid handsomely.

However, I'm all about the free market. If you don't produce something that compelling enough, and keep ahead of the competition, people will go elsewhere. Sucks sometimes, especially after investing $80,000 for a digital signature application back in 1995 and $50,0000 on a mobile banking application back in 2000 (prototyped on a Psion Series 5). But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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