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Originally Posted by concours View Post
I'm looking to buy a lift, HF looks really cheesy, Handy is great but, $$$. Anyone using these?

Looks a lot like mine. Don't remember the brand, bought in Indy, I'm pretty sure its a Taiwan or Chinese import, reasonably well built, probably better than a HF. I think its basically a Handy ripoff.

Air cylinder is a bit jerky going up, but nothing too scary. I've left an BMW R1100GS and Harley Heritage Sofatail on them overnight, and they were still upright and in the same position, when I returned.

Being short and kinda skinny, I should have got the width extensions, to make it safer / easier to walk/ride/push a bike up and down the lift.

Just parking on the unelevated lift makes it easier to work on a bike.
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