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Originally Posted by Guy Young;14914380[URL=""
I think there are a lot of these lifts sold in different colors and brand names. That lift looks identical to mine, which also looks identical to the lift in the first post:

Here's mine, from Complete Hydraulic just south of Indy:
(Yes, I know there are several things wrong in this photo. Shut up. This was when we were setting it up -- the air line has since been moved, the position of the bike corrected, etc. and so on.)

Anyhoo, these lifts are DEFINITELY made in China (or maybe Taiwan). The crate it came in had Chinese writing in various places, and it had Chinese shipping tags.

On Complete Hydraulic's web site, they don't address the issue. I've seen other vendors of the same lift attempt to claim that assembling or painting the lifts here makes them US-made.

Does that automatically make it a shitty lift? No, it does not. Political crap aside, it's a stable, high-quality, well-made piece of equipment at a reasonable price and I can get parts (and support) if needed from a local supplier. The grease fittings are not Harbor Freight's crap, by the way.

Here's some interesting info from another local lift seller (Greg Smith Co.) regarding Asian manufacturing:
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