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This might not be the right place to ask this question, but what do I know about doing things the right way.

I went shooting today and had my first ever jam with my Glock. The casing had not completely been ejected and this is what it looked like. The bullet was still in the barrel and fell out into my hand. Has anyone ever had this happen? What would cause this? The primer has not been hit? I shot another 60 rds through the gun after this and didnt have another problem. I probably have 700 plus rounds through this gun so far and this is my first problem ever. BTW this is Winchester white box 115g.
I would wager the bullet was not properly crimped by Winchester. The casing probably got dented up as it was being racked forward by the slide and the bullet became dislodged, causing the casing to feed improperly and get pinched as the slide was coming home. The force of the slide slamming it home dislodged the bullet the rest of the way and dumped the powder down the barrel. Primer wouldn't be indented because you never pulled the trigger on that round; it jammed prior to feeding into the chamber.
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