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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
where can i read up on tracks? how to exchange them and such. i just bought a 60csx with mapsource which i installed in my mac. i want to try and ride the cdr this coming summer. i'll pick it up at the north end and ride south to about chama before heading west to phoenix. 'll be coming from the east coast.

do i have everything i need or do i have to buy some other types of maps too?

GPS File Depot has a nice collection of maps for your Garmin. There are a couple of sites where people share tracks that I am aware of as well. (which is one I created) and which is quite popular as well.

The GPS is not a panacea for travelling. I don't think it replaces anything that you need for a long journey. You'll still need maps as a backup should your GPS break, get lost, etc. Also, nothing really replaces the cozy feeling of pulling a Gazetteer and compass out of your pack when you feel lost.
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