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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
Great writeup!

A couple stupid questions here:

1. Do all the timed stages count evenly? Is figuring the winner just a simple matter of totalling all of the timed stages and the winner is the guy with the lowest time? (Adding and subtracting of course penalties and helping down rider bonus').

I'm assuming here that its the lowest total time vs most stage wins for example?

2. How important are the liasons? Can you just take your sweet time? Stop and grab a burrito or are you moving along pretty quickly here and is everyone else moving along at the same pace?
I'm assuming that since you are not timed on the liasons it would be during them you refuel, go pee, grab some food or change your tires?
Yes, lowest overall time wins. Singular stage wins are great for your reputation, but that's it.

You have a fixed time frame to do your liaison. You'll get your start time from the bivouac told the evening before, get stamped out in the morning and have to turn up at the special stage start (DSS) on time. The time frame should be long enough to refuel if necessary and ride within the normal speed limit on public roads. Of course liaison can be long, and if anything goes wrong, you can be in real trouble real quick. So it's not just a leisurely ride in the countryside.

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