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Originally Posted by basque View Post
I've got 10 year old Sig 226 .40 that I absolutely love.

Looking for a second gun for fun/shooting in the desert/having at home.

Thinking about the Benelli Supernova Tactical with the ghost ring sights.

Can get on for about $450 + $25 background check.

Anyone have any experience with this gun? Pros? Cons?
I have a Benelli SuperNova, not the Tactical but just a basic field gun. It's great. It has a feature that allows loading of the chamber by hand without pulling rounds out of the magazine......surprising how handy that can be in some applications. The 870 and other pumps that I know of don't have that capacity. I know a guy who has the tactical, his is one with the desert-camo finish, and he really likes it a lot.
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