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the parts bike is pretty much gone, so i can get some photos of the subframe. the 650R is sitting in the foreground, so the photo doesn't show how much bigger the beast sitting behind it really is. the new build in back is huge in comparison, but i couldn't get a good photo angle.

i mentioned earlier that the versys subframe was missing a few members that were incorporated in the 650R subframe. then came a report that a rider experienced some flex in his versys subframe when the rear footpeg struts were loose. that's not real good news, especially since you would think that the versys would have the stronger subframe of the two bikes.

not so, and here's why. the 650R subframe has a tubular crossbrace on the main support tube that is missing on the versys subframe.

in addition, the secondary subframe tubes on the 650R are connected by a hoop that ties the sides together, also missing on the versys.

another view of brace and hoop on the 650R.

the versys subframe has exactly the same stamped part that is welded on the 650R frame, but no connecting hoop.

the 650R can carry a big load of gear on the back without a problem, but then they don't build the same strength into the versys subframe, even though the bike is promoted as the more rugged of the two. another mystery.
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