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Originally Posted by Carlos M View Post
Regarding missing waypoints, timing WP's and WPM's:

There are a lot of waypoints on the GPS's for the pilots to pass by. The ones harder to find are the WPM's. These are the ones which the GPS will only direct to if the rider is in a vicinity of 800 meters.

AFAIK, the timing waypoints ASO gives us F5'ers (WP1, WP2...) are just timing aids to allow us to follow the race live and have nothing to do with the WPM the pilots have to search.

A pilot having clocked all timing waypoints just means his Iritrack has worked all the time and that he was on the correct track at the timing place.

A pilot that doesn't show WP's times may have colected all the WPM's and won the stage.

And a pilot who has shown all WP's timing may have missed a WPM and get a penalty in the end. I believe that was the case of Faria who got 2h penalty on stage 11.

ASO collects the data from each pilot's GPS on arrival to the bivvy, and only then it is known who missed WP , who speeded and so on.

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