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Can I add my .02 about Motoport gear? Good, thank you. It rocks.

I have had a Motoport Ultra II Cordura set of riding gear for going on 10 years and probably close to 100k miles now. It is not the stretch Kevlar, but they did not have that back in the day when I bought mine.

Now, I am 6'-0 and knocking on the door of 400 pounds of Italian love monkee. Finding gear that fits, let alone fits well is, well, impossible. Except at the big and tall store and MotoPort.

I have ridden in everything from constant mid 30's and rain/sleet/snow, to 115 degrees going through Stockton CA returning from the WSB at Laguna Seca. The gear just simply works. Even in 100 degrees plus wether, you get a layer of sweat going and the air flow keeps you more comfortable than if you were in just a t-shirt. Throw a set of Gerbing heated clothing on underneath and your only worry is ice on the road.

Quality is top notch. I have never gone down in mine, but a friend has hit the ground twice in the last 2 years in his Cordura with no damage to the suit. His is the from the same era as mine. Kevlar should even be better for you.

From 12640'...

To the summer desert heat (that's my dad in his MotoPorts helping get my Tiger out of a hole)...

The stuff just works, and holds up for many many miles.

My .02

Not affiliated with them in any way, just a VERY happy customer.
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