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Originally Posted by cjsporl View Post
You tell me what happens when you leave an airbox open, dirt get inside thr engine and the thing blows up... Atleast my bike doesn't look like a dirty piece of crap that is about too fall apart... I'm not talking about your bikes just some people on these forums
Easy there tiger...... take the time to read through this thread, there is a great knowledge base within. Maybe not the "how to wheelie" advice you are looking for.....Opinons will vary, but trust me some of these "dirty pieces of crap" are quite sound machines modified by their owners in a way to suit their needs. A clean bike doesn't mean much to me. I like to see the dirty ones and where they've been.

I recommend less bashing and more reading on your part. This will not only will educate you, but may also realize a few folks around here know what they are talking about.
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