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Any excuse to ride
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I have worn an Ultra II Cordura for seven years and ridden with it from 28Deg to 125 deg F, through snow and heavy downpours and zero humidity. I wear the pants on trips with just skivvies underneath. The comfort beats any other combo I have tried. The liners ( I never zip them in, I just put them on first and pull the suit over them) keep me dry in heavy rain ( never had a wet crotch) and beat a rain suit. First rate gear!
We're gonna go where people pretend to want to go when they can't afford to go someplace good. Were gonna see America. We take no map.We follow the sun. Stay in cheap motels and steal what we need along the way. We go west, past the cheese factories, where the air is fresh, the sky is big, and a man can still kill his dinner with his bike. Guys, tomorrow we put the pedal to the metal and we ride with the wind!
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