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Nice to see this thread calling out some long-term satisfied owners; now where were you guys when I was trying to gather information about these things?

just kidding... I guess both the stretch kevlar and the mesh haven't been around that long to have alot of them out there. But one reason I decided to write this is that until recently was completely unaware of this stuff. If we hadn't been shopping for pants for my hard-to-fit wife at the MOA rally a few years ago and bumped into another petite woman wearing some unusual but good-fitting pants and asked her what they were, I might still be unaware of it. They make a great product, but they need to hire someone to beef up their marketing or something - I think Wayne does it all, but must be overextended judging by the dated, incomplete feel of their website and catalogs that I've seen. If I had been able to get the information I wanted, easily, I would have bought their gear much earlier, and I would've bought the more appropriate stretch kevlar and not the mesh pants for my wife - but the mesh was all we'd ever seen up to then.

Now that I see how well this stuff works, I think it is an ideal alternative for many folks who might otherwise go with Aerostitch, but for whom full-time Goretex might not be the best compromise if you can only afford one good all-purpose suit in your closet. And by all acounts the protection may be quite superior as well.
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