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thank you, one and all

Especially Mr. Gretz. I will look up those links soon.

I did get on to Wild Guzzi, but have not yet posted. I wanted to take the time to see what has already been written, (by doing a "Norge" search,) but just haven't gotten it done yet.

When I rode BMWs (Ks and Rs) they were my only form of transport. Personal preference, obviously. But I found that having the soft luggage would allow me to get away with a more "brief case" approach. The full-face fit in the hard-bag, and I could go into a college class, or a meeting, or the gym, without having to store the hard bag. I can see how it would be a do-able approach if it was overnight accommodations. The Beemer soft-bags were so nice that I kept them even after having (foolishly) sold the motorcycles for which they were designed.

Thank you, all, for your help.


Colorado, USA
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