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I've had an Ultra II cordura for 5 years and about 80,000 miles. I took off from Florida last July in 100 degrees and high humidity and rode out to Roosville, MT where we rode the Continental Divide Ride down to Mexico. During the trip I was comfortable in temps from the mid 20s to over 100.

I high sided a TDM 850 2 1/2 years ago at 75 mph. After a 50 ft flight like Superman, I planted into the ground on my left shoulder and broke it along with cracking some ribs and popping my sternum. The ER doctor said that if I hadn't had on the suit, I wouldn't be alive. The jacket didn't have a mark on it and the imbedded dirt came off in the washing machine.

It is a little bilky at first but then it conforms. I wear coolmax bicycle shorts underneath the pants or polypropelene long underwear if it's under 40 degrees. Coolmax shirts too. I love the suit and was much more comfortable on the CD ride last year than my buddies in their stitches.

I will be wearing it when I ride down to Copper Canyon later this year.

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