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Shop manual?

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a shop manual for this bike for a reasonable price? (downloading would be great). I've read elsewhere that used to be a go-to repository, but it went down this summer.

I just picked up an '08 with 360 miles for my wife (from someone who hurt themselves just after buying it). We've only had a 2-hour ride home with it yesterday for me (including a few stops for big puddles, washed out logging paths, and random hill climbs beside the road) and some time in the parking lot for her, but we're both in love with it. Her because as she put it, "It's like someone actually made a bike for someone my size!" and "I feel so confident!" and me because I finally have something I can flog in the dirt without guilt (the things I do to my SV650 really aren't fair to it ). I'll share some pictures with you when we can get it out in the daylight again.
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