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Originally Posted by Head2Wind View Post
bed liner is STICKY stuff... so if you do any "bashing" over rocks etc... the bike will not glide over them, it will stop or at least slow down. And if you get high centered on something it will take more effort to get the bike through/over it. Just sayin...
Well maybe,in the tech single track your riding you 950 in
I'll be sure not to bed line my KTM 300's skid plate but it's carbon
My TT plate which is being replaced has around 100,000 mi. of
use on LC8's and I have yet to be hung up on any rocks.
With the Dupli Color pickup bed liner spray I use, one can control
the texture achieved by the distance the can is held from the parts
being sprayed. I also find that by clear coating over the bed liner a
glossier look can be had.
I've done many parts this way and have had good results,
Skid plates, side panels, crash bars, the engine protection
plate on my Ducati MTS 1200s, foot peg hangers, the frame
on my KTM 300 was just finished with this method and looks and
works fine.

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